Turkiye Garanti Bankasi brings EUR 20 million for Garanti Bank`s growth through a capital increase

Garanti Bank Romania increased its share capital by EUR 20 million through cash subscription, the total equity investment of Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S. (TGB) in development in the local subsidiary  reaching EUR 245.7 million.

„With this capital increase, Garanti Bank will further grow its competitiveness in the market, as well as consolidate its positioning as one of the most innovative banking institutions. We will bring new services and products in the market, answering to an even more segmented audience with highly customized offers”, says Ufuk Tandogan, General Manager of Garanti Bank Romania.

Garanti Bank is a universal bank, offering a complete range of quality products and innovative services for all business segments – retail, IMM and corporate.

Present in the Romanian market since 1998, Garanti Bank has developed a solid client portfolio and also expanded its national presence via branches and alternative delivery channels, reaching a network of 78 units and 225 smart ATMs – the largest network of intelligent ATMs in Romania, whilst the number of POS reached 7,400.

With a whole network of smart ATMs, Garanti Bank innovates also through unique offers attached to the most competitive credit card in the market, Bonus Card.

In Romania, Garanti operates through Garanti Bank, Garanti Leasing, Garanti Credite de Consum and Garanti Credite Ipotecare. The three non-banking institutions complete Garanti Bank’s range of products and services with specific leasing products (financial leasing - cars, equipments and real estate - and sales & leaseback) and fleet management services, consumer finance products such as sales finance and personal loan, as well as dedicated mortgage products for house or land acquisition or for refinancing purposes. Garanti Group serves over 450,000 customers. The Group’s consolidated assets increased to a total of 1.8 billion Euros.

Garanti Group is owned by Turkiye Garanti Bankasi (TGB), Turkey's second largest private bank by asset size and the most profitable one.